Our Vision

Scott Home Services is a company of companies that is driven by a single vision. Helping Colorado Families


2031 Goal: 250000

Families Helped!

It all started with a dream to have a simple little business…

Back in 2006, George and Ann Scott started Scott Home Inspection (the first division of the company) with the idea of owning a simple little business where they could do good work, take excellent care of clients and agents, and earn a respectable living.  It was as simple as that. Their care for clients attracted attention until they were overwhelmed with requests for inspections. 

George Early Years With Prius

George Scott, Founder

That led to the decision to hire their first full-time inspector, Luke Griess.  The rest, they say, is history.  The team has continually grown but the commitment to excellence and to maintaining our core values has never stopped.

The Vision Of Scott Home Services

Our long-range vision guides our company by providing an inspiring target to achieve: Helping 250,000 families live in safe, healthy, and comfortable homes by our 25th Anniversary in 2031! Let's do this together!


Our purpose provides a true-north direction that we live by daily.  Scott Home Services provides inspection, consulting, and energy efficiency services to help families live in safe, healthy, and comfortable homes.  This purpose has been at the forefront of everything we do since our founding.


Our guiding principles help us to focus our efforts and ensure we stay on track and true to our core beliefs. Each set of principles provides guidance to our leadership team and team members on how we view opportunities and our responsibility in managing the organization. The guiding principles include;

  1. Spinning our Flywheel (Superior Responsiveness, Diverse Services, Prompt Availability/Wide Service Area, Experienced Service Team, Innovative Reporting, and Excellent After Service Support)
  2. Building Long-Term Business Relationships
  3. Working Together As a Team
  4. Developing Leaders from Within
  5. Growing on Our Terms
  6. Knowing Our Numbers
  7. Giving Back

Our company is structured and organized using a set of teamwork principles and also using our leadership and organization framework. 

These principles and frameworks summarize how we approach our leadership, and how the service teams are organized.  Having the right team members in place and providing leadership and growth opportunities is central to our organization and success. We are Team Scott!


Our Department Playbooks provide a framework for how we operate the business at the individual department level.  These individual documents outline the key knowledge and skills that team members within each department must possess.  And they outline the key processes and actions that each department focuses on, to help set their direction.


Using the combination of our vision, principles, people, and processes, we then establish priorities for how we move forward.  Annual top priorities are set each year that align with our long-range vision.  These annual priorities are set at both the company and  department levels. 

Once annual priorities are established, quarterly actions are then set for each department and team.  These quarterly actions represent an incremental breakdown of the annual priorities and give each department, team, and individual clear items on which to focus their efforts.


Everything we do is designed to drive results.  And while we measure revenue and other metrics, our principal focus is on:

  1. Great Service: Provide great service at every step of the customer experience.
  1. Great Relationships: Build great relationships with our customers and business-to-business partners.
  1. Great Team: Develop and nurture a great team of leaders and team members, all supporting one another on our common vision and purpose.

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